Felting needles


36 gauge triangular felting needle part covered in millefiori to make a comfortable, colourful handle.

This gauge is a great all purpose needle.

Felting needles are SHARP! Be careful when using them and keep them in a safe place when not using them, especially when you are ‘parking’ a needle whilst working.

Felting needles are also quite fragile and will break easily if not used correctly.

They are designed to be used in a felt making machine – where each needle performs many thousands of actions over their lifetime – but are now being used for hand felting.

If you are careful and follow the guidelines below, they will potentially last as long as the ones in a machine.
– Sit in a comfortable chair, at a table with good light. Try to work at a relaxed pace and don’t be distracted by television or the like.
– Use a felting pad or mat to put your work on. This will prevent the needle hitting a hard surface (and breaking) or your fingers if you are holding it!
– Keep the needle perpendicular to the work. You can poke the needle in at any angle, as long as the needle stays straight. Use the needle in a straight in, straight out action.
– Be gentle! Don’t stab too aggressively or try to force the needle into your work. If a needle doesn’t go in easily, switch to a finer needle instead.
– Do not bend the needle or put it under pressure in any way.
– Don’t use the needles to ‘pick’ at fibres. This will put pressure on the needle and cause it to break.

TrompeLolly’s felting needles have handles which make them much more comfortable to use, so that you can maintain a relaxed grip and develop a smooth felting action.

The handles are permanently fixed and so cannot be replaced.



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