Lucky Bag Of 5 Vintage Scarves


Our giant scarf basket is legendary, customers used to travel just for a dig in it.  Covid-19 safety measures mean we can’t currently stuff it full for you to sift through, so we’ve created sealed lucky bags.

Each contains 5 scarves, including at least 1 pure silk piece. All graded with no rips or holes.

Scarves range from 1950’s to modern day, including UK, French, Italian brands.  Lucky bags may include surprise designer and branded pieces.

Perfect for perking up an outfit, rework, mask making, pillow covering, Japanese Furoshiki wrapping…

Lucky bags for delivery are picked at random.  On the shop floor the bags are clear so you have a sneaky peek at what’s inside.

Pictures are representative of the grade and styles/era we have.




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Be well, be safe,

Love from all the family at HOTCAKES

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