Oscar Senior Cat Care Rich in Chicken with Turkey-2KG


Our Rich in Chicken with Turkey Senior Cat Care Recipe is made with the perfect balance of ingredients and nutrients to cater for your Cat’s specific ageing needs.

With Glucosamine  to support Joints,Specific Minerals and Cranberry to promote Urinary Health and added Dental Care it is perfect  for Adult and Mature Cats who may need a little extra care.

Air bubbles in each Kibble allow the food to break down more easily.Easier to crunch easier to digest and more Flavoursome.

Natural Antioxidants to support your Cat’s Immune System.

With added Glucosamine to help support  and maintain healthy Joint Tissues.

Hydrolysed Chicken (less allergenic and highly digestible),Beet pulp and FOS (A Prebiotic) to aid Healthy Digestion.

STAY-C 50* is a specialist source of Vitamin C that dissolves in the saliva and is coated onto our kibble to help support healthy gums and manage plaque and tartar buildup.

Specific Mineral and trace elements with added Cranberry to promote Urinary Health.

Oscar Pet Foods Calder Valley

Oscar has over 25 years experience producing quality food for Dogs and Cats – all manufactured in the Yorkshire Region.

I have been running my Own Local Oscar Business for the last 6 Years servicing loyal Customers throughout the Calder Valley/Halifax Area.

I am a Qualified Pet Nutritionist CERT CAN (RQF Level 3) offering Expert Free Nutritional Advice,Free Home Delivery in the Area supplying Honestly Labelled Food with only the best ingredients to support Head to Tail Nutrition for a Healthy,Happy and Active Life.

Your Pet’s Nutritional needs will change throughout the different stages of life and we offer a complete range of Diets with Nutritionally Beneficial Nutrients that support your Pet at specific life stages to promote Health and Wellbeing from Head to Tail.

My Business Hours : Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

My Stall on Hebden Bridge Market -Every Thursday 8.30am-3.30pm

Delivery Days to the Local Area Wednesday and Friday

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