Personalised HOME/BUSINESS Digital Illustrations


Commission a bespoke, personalised and unique digital illustration of your home or business.

For £95 I will create a bespoke, personalised and unique digital illustration of your home or business perfect for birthdays, new home, anniversaries, wedding present or a gift just for you.

Great for businesses too to advertise these premises on merchandise for clients.

I will need:

  1. A high resolution image of your you home or business – the angle of the photo will determine the angle of the illustration.
  2. Your email address for follow up questions
  3. Your chosen colour palette to suit your interior decor
  4. What animals and what breed (for example, breed of dog) you would like in the picture
  5. Curtain colours
  6. Flower colours
  7. Driveway surface to be tarmac, paving or cobbles
  8. Close up photo of your door and doorway and any other details you want highlighting in the illustration
  9. Email address to send the digital illustration. You can then take this high resolution illustration to a printer to have it printed on any paper quality/canvas or product of your choice.


Please allow at least two weeks for this bespoke work to be done.

Thank you


Catherine Davis Designs

I’m a freelance textile and surface pattern designer, artist, author and crafter.

I license my designs to businesses as well as sell my art and patterns on a number of products ranging from notebooks to cushions.

I create bespoke everlasting origami bouquets, all to order in your chosen colours and a lovely alternative to real flowers.

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